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A Message From The Founder

“I believe that travel gives the soul flight, without wings…”

Ever since I could remember, I wanted to be a traveller. So at 23, I decided to travel INDIA solo. But that was easier said than done. Coming from a traditional Indian background, “travelling solo” is not something that is encouraged.

Top it off with the fact that India ranks a high position on the list of ‘The Worst Places for Solo Woman Travellers’ and my dream to explore this earth was on the brink of shattering. But the biggest obstacle was my own fear of leaving my comfort zone. Fortunately, with the support of encouragement of my parents and friends, I overcame these obstacles.

On my first solo trip, I went to Mcleodganj, where I thoroughly enjoyed myself, interacting with the locals, venturing into offbeat spots and observing the culture and cuisine while staying at camps and guest houses. When I came back home I had shed my fear and the need to cling to a comfort zone – my horizons had expanded.

I decided I wanted to do it again and soon found myself exploring the wilderness of Kasol, Manali, Spiti and many other destinations in the Himachal. Eventually, I quit my corporate job and travelled solo to ten exotic destinations in India. And then one cool winter evening, sitting alongside a campfire, Womaniya on Roadtrips dawned on me.

Why I started 'Womaniya on Roadtrips'?

When I travel solo, I have no fixed itinerary, no plan - Just a curiosity to explore rare destinations, cultures and interesting people. Most people don’t travel like that. But the tremendous joy and beauty of the unknown is what made my trips awesome. With ‘Womaniya on Roadtrips’, I’m simply trying to share my experience with you.

Why choose Womaniya?

The conventional formula of the tourism industry is losing. Today, we travel to find adventure and intriguing experiences. Nobody wants to be stuck in a bus full of people waltzing through “touristy” destinations. That’s where Womaniya on Roadtrips comes in. We plan a tour which gives you an opportunity to explore everything in terms of local culture, villages, treks, food joints & local spots with small group of people.

The end result: Therapy for the soul and a lifetime of memories.


Preeti Vishwakarma
Womaniya On Roadtrips.

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